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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Social Media

Member Update

Social Media Special Edition
Sunday Success Story SPOTLIGHT Member
Our first Spotlight Member is DAN ANDREWS!
Read his Success Story submission:
Hello PC and members! Wow... Could Profit Clicking be the first time I have ever made consistent 'stress-free' money online? Yes I believe it is! So here is my story so far. I joined JBP late in August, actually turned out to be 1 day before JBP began the transition to Profit Clicking. I was shocked! To have joined this company, about which I had heard so much good, and see it '...change...' the very next day, after I had just purchased a significant number of triplers. What could I do? Was it over before it had even started? Had I been scammed out of my money AGAIN?? Anyway so I waited and watched, and as the transition to PC developed I began to see day by day Profit Clicking simply growing and improving, from strength to strength, with all the pieces falling 'gracefully' into place! So, its now one month later, and all I can do is ... SMILE! I am really thrilled with the results of Profit Clicking! My account is growing and I am easily able to build my returns. On top of this I am also getting PAID, providing for my family a second income! My long term goal online has always been to achieve $10K a month, consistently, online. Can PC get me to my goal? I think absolutely YES! Thank you so very much Profit Clicking! 
~Dan Andrews
Congratulations, Dan! We value your membership! It's people like you who make Profit Clicking so great! Thank you for sharing your story.

Social Media Sites are HOT, HOT, HOT!
All of our Profit Clicking social media sites are sizzling! Here’s a quick report on each and a link so you can join each of them. Don’t be left out! Join us on all of our sites! Remember, there’s the media bar at the bottom of your Dashboard. It has links to take you to both Facebook and Twitter. Along the right side of any page of the Profit Clicking website, you’ll see some tabs. Those will take you to other Profit Clicking sites. Currently we have tabs for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Google +.
Followers on Twitter are tweeting the benefits of Profit Clicking! Members who dropped in for the Tweet Party during last Thursday’s Live Call, are still posting about Profit Clicking and the great answers DOC gave to commonly asked questions!
Our Twitter follows have increased by more than 1,000 in just a few days! Don't delay -- Follow Profit Clicking on Twitter today!
The number of fans of our official Profit Clicking page on Facebook has doubled in the last week! We are quickly approaching 18,000 fans! That’s incredible! If you haven’t already joined us, you need to join us now.
Facebook Fan Page:
WOW! Profit Clicking’s Million Dollar Challenge video on YouTube had more than 2,500 views in one day! People are excited! Profit Clicking has a wide variety of videos that are being created! You’ll want to see each of them as soon as they come out! To be certain that you are notified each time we upload a new video, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel!
Subscribe at:
View Million Dollar Challenge at:
Most people know about YouTube, but have you seen Profit Clicking’s Vimeo site? Vimeo is a great place to view videos. Come on by and watch both our videos: Million Dollar Challenge and Where to Find Help and Support.
Follow us on Vimeo:
View Million Dollar Challenge at:
View Where to Find Help & Support at:
Do you have another favorite social media site that you visit daily? Profit Clicking is there, too! Here's a few of our links. We will be adding more content in the near future to each of our sites. Be sure to sign up at all of them!
Google +:
Yahoo Social Directory:
As the excitement builds here at Profit Clicking, you’ll want to be involved with everything we offer, and with all our social media sites to get updated information! Join us on all our Social Media sites to be “in the know”! After all, Profit Clicking is the program “everyone in the know” joins. Be sure to tell your friends and contacts about us before they get scooped up under someone else!

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