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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Frederick Mann

Member Update

Frederick Mann Speaks, Members Listen
Members who heard last Thursday's Live Conference Call are still talking about Frederick Mann's inspirational words! Members who missed the call want to know more. To please everyone, we give you more quotes by Frederick Mann.

"Actually retired from JBP, and handed over the reins to Profit Clicking, I am still involved on a consulting basis to help ensure that the transition is done smoothly, and that all the features that were once available in JBP will also be available to Profit Clicking -- and much more.

"And while I’ve retired from JBP, I am involved in developing certain products and services that will be associated with Profit Clicking and will provide additional income streams. In general, these products and services solve certain, what I call, gaps in the market.

"And these gaps exist, because there are certain areas where needed products and services are not currently provided to enable people to move forward with their lives. One example is the area of personal development. I won’t go into the details, but you can be sure that there will be some exciting and very worthy products and services becoming available within the next few months.

"You can also be confident that Profit Clicking is in good hands, that there are some very competent people at the helm, and the odds are very good that Profit Clicking will eventually become much more successful than JBP was."
Let these words from Fredrick Mann be our inspiration as we continue moving forward with this migration. Together we can make his words come true, and make Profit Clicking even more successful than JustBeenPaid was.

More Social Media News
We told you that our Social Media site were jumping, and gave you links to Facebook and Twitter. What happened? Our official fan page on Facebook gained more than 1000 new fans in one day! All the other Profit Clicking Social Media pages gained record numbers of followers and subscribers as well. People want to be a part of the Profit Clicking explosion!

More Proof of Popularity
If our dramatic rise in popularity on Social Media doesn't impress you (how could it not???), take a look at Profit Clicking's Alexa ranking. We've broken the 600 mark!
If you're not familiar with the Alexa stats, the lower the number, the higher your ranking. From Alexa's website: "Generally, traffic rankings of 100,000 and above should be regarded as not reliable. Conversely, the closer a site gets to #1, the more reliable its traffic ranking becomes."
Our Alexa ranking continues to get closer to the top because more people are visiting the site. More people are looking at Profit Clicking's great opportunities! That's why now, more than ever, is the perfect time to tell your friends and contacts about this awesome program. "Those in the know" know that Profit Clicking is the place to be!

Maximize Your ProfitsThe best thing you can do right now is to buy new Advertising Packages and assisting others in doing the same. Those are the two ways to make an incredible amount of money at Profit Clicking!

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