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Monday, October 8, 2012

Doc Speaks about Profit Clicking

Doc Speaks about Profit Clicking
“We are literally developing what major companies, in many cases, take years to develop. We are doing this in a matter of days and weeks, which is an incredible challenge. I wanted to share this with you because I know, as a team builder with extensive experience, how it feels to put your name on the line, to really put yourself out there, develop a team and instill confidence in your team and then changes come along, which good or bad, are difficult to deal with.”

Those words were spoken by a true leader, a gentleman Frederick Mann introduced simply as “Doc”. As Profit Clicking moves forward, Doc will be leading the famous Thursday night Conference Calls.

Doc added, “I want you to know that everything you fell in love with in JBP -- the features called Triplers and Matrices... we now have similar features in Profit Clicking -- Ad Packs, PC Panels and the Traffic Exchange coming online!”
Media Momentum Continues to GrowProfit Clicking is soaring on the social media pages! We thought it was amazing when we gained 1000 fans in one day, but our Profit Clicking official fan page on Facebook doubled that growth! More than 2000 new fans joined practically overnight! The word is out, and the momentum is growing! Be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter sites today! Catch the excitement!
Sunday Success Story SPOTLIGHT MEMBER
Members have enjoyed reading about famous people who have achieved success in our Saturday Spotlight. Now it's your turn to be in the spotlight! Simply tell your story, and possibly become our Spotlight Member!

If you love Profit Clicking, and have experienced success you want to share with the world, now is your chance! Every weekend our Facebook fan page will offer members the opportunity to submit their testimonial for the chance to be "featured" throughout the Profit Clicking network for the entire next week! Imagine the kind of exposure you could generate for your business as our Spotlight Member! Find all the details at:
That big URL could mean big bucks to your business! Submit your Profit Clicking success story today!
Social Media Frenzy Means SalesWith Profit Clicking raising so much interest across the Internet, you can reap the rewards! This is the perfect time to tell your friends and contacts about this awesome program. "Those in the know" know that Profit Clicking is the place to be!
Help out your new prospects by offering them $10 FREE in the Pay-It-Forward System. Profit Clicking pays them to get started! Then explain that by purchasing Ad Packages, they will receive 1000 Ad Package Credits to set their business in motion -- Their website can be viewed by millions of Profit Clicking Members, and they will also benefit from Daily Sales Commissions! They start with our money; their website gains more traffic, and they can generate income! WIN! WIN! WIN!

Here's To Your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team

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