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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Frederick Manns last message

Thousands Heard Frederick Mann's Message!
"I wish you all a very happy and very prosperous future!" ~ Frederick Mann
Profit Clicking's Weekly Calls are back!
Last Thursday, thousands listened as Frederick Mann explained that he hand-picked the team to carry on his legacy from Just Been Paid to Profit Clicking. Mann stated that members are likely to be "very pleasantly surprised by the quality of products and services that will be available with Profit Clicking." He expressed his confidence in the migration process and the new leadership team as he symbolically handed over the live Thursday calls to Doc.
"We are literally developing what major companies take years to develop, and we are doing it in a matter of weeks." Doc explained. "The Master Plan is in place. All of the pieces are being put together to make Profit Clicking a success."
Social Media Mania
Chat about the Live Call with Doc and Frederick Mann set Facebook and Twitter on fire! You can become a Profit Clicking fan on Facebook, more than 9000 people already have, and you can follow us on Twitter, along with almost 3000 others!
If you don't want to look back here for these links, use the Skysa Bar at the bottom of the page on your Dashboard.
Social Media News on Skysa Bar
What's a Skysa Bar? Look down at the bottom of page while you're on the Profit Clicking website. See the blue bar? It's a new feature that was developed to make it easier for you to keep up with all the news at Profit Clicking. You can use the buttons on the Skysa Bar to connect to Facebook and Twitter, or Pin a Profit Clicking page to your Pinterest account.
  • Facebook: When you click on this button, a small window opens where you can see members who have already "liked" Profit Clicking on Facebook, you can "like" the fan page of Profit Clicking, or you can go to our official Profit Clicking page to see the newest posts.
  • Twitter: Clicking on the Twitter button will open a window in which you can see what people are saying about Profit Clicking on Twitter. It also has a link to join the conversation if you'd like.
  • Pin It: By clicking on this button you will see a window with Profit Clicking pictures from which you can choose to post on your Pinterest page. More images and videos will be adding in the coming week.
The Skysa Bar has many more features. Be sure to check it out while you're logged in to you Profit Clicking account.
The Profit Clicking Team Keeps on Working
The team is working together to modify the home page to reflect more of the highlights that were communicated on the original JBP site including. Keep watching as Member Testimonials and the Million Dollar Challenge, and so much more, are added in the near future to make the home page more inviting to your friends, family, and contacts.
That's why you need to be the first to tell your friends and contacts about this awesome program before someone else does. "Those in the know" know that Profit Clicking is the place to be!
Maximize Your Efforts
The best thing you can do right now is to buy new Advertising Packages and assisting others in doing the same. Those are the two ways to make an incredible amount of money at Profit Clicking!

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