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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Profit Shift is coming

Exciting News!! Starting mid-November, daily withdrawals will be paid within 48 hours. This upgrade significantly reduces the process time for receiving commissions and referral bonuses. We're also working to increase the current daily limit of $250 per member per pay processor. This enhancement will process new daily withdrawal requests along with those waiting in the queue. We’ll continue this process until all withdrawals waiting in the queue are paid which could take a month or more.
Profit Shift is coming
The first Profit Shift was announced on the live call last Thursday. The target date is early to mid-November. The Profit Shift Education materials will be ready within a week, so members can learn how the Profit Shift works and why it's necessary.
The Profit Shift system increases members earning potential over time. The "position cut-off date" is 25th October, 2012. This date will not be changed and applies to all members who joined the system and purchased Ad Packs BEFORE 15th October 2012. 
The "account cut-off date" was 15th October, 2012. This date will not be changed and applies to NEW Members who joined and purchased Ad Packs ON OR AFTER 15th October, 2012. 
This means that all Ad Packs purchased on or after 15th October, 2012, (New Members), and 25th October 2012, (Existing Members), will NOT be affected by the Profit Shift. The best time to purchase Ad Packs is immediately after the position cutoff date.  Ad Packs purchased now have the greatest potential to mature and pay out 150% before the next Profit Shift. Don't be left out!  This is the best time to buy!  Get more Ad Packs today!
Marketing You Profit Clicking Business Just Got Easier!
NEW!  Choose Your Unique IBO Webpage!
Don’t you just hate it when all replicated sites look exactly the same? So does Profit Clicking! That’s why we offer you several options for your Affiliate Independent Business Owner webpage! You can find these beautifully designed pages under the 'Build My Business' tab that's on the left side of your dashboard.
Once you've selected the one you want, click on it and copy the URL code at the bottom of the pop up. Then paste that code on your site. The code includes your unique Member ID! You'll want to use it to make sure that your referrals are credited to you. Just click on the page you like, and get started!
Have you seen the Profit Clicking Banners?
Also under the 'Build My Business' tab, you'll find the new and approved marketing banners and ads! Our Creative Department has given you the first of many fabulous advertising banners for use in promoting Profit Clicking. Choose the size you want, then choose the specific ad.  The code given will ensure that customers who click your ad will be taken to your referral page!  It's as easy as 1-2-3!  
Live Training's are Here!
Visit the Events Page for live training's to help you market your business! With a simple click you are linked to the conference room!  The Company-- Learning the System--How to Make Money--Advanced Elite Training-- are all available now. The live training's include moderators to answer your questions. 
Profit Clicking has the ONLY Indefinitely Sustainable program available! We challenge you to find any program that’s easier to make money with than Profit Clicking!

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