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Saturday, December 1, 2012

PC’s New Withdrawal System has launched!

Folks, It’s finally here!!
PC’s New Withdrawal System has launched!  

What does this mean to you?  Now current withdrawals will be processed within about 48 hours and members will enjoy two methods by which they can make withdrawals.

One method is referred to as a “Queue” the other is a “Bucket” system. Full details of how our new withdrawal system works can be located in our FAQ section which can also be accessed through “Withdrawal News” in your back-office.
Folks, we are back on track just in time for the holidays!   There is no better time for members to maximize their earnings!  With 2 ways to withdraw AND ... a “Profit Explosion” of 3% Daily earnings until maturity on Ad Packs purchased  by December 25th -   the holidays have never looked brighter.  Log into your Dashboard and fund your account TODAY!   Look for your first earnings within 24 hours!

What’s more - your earnings are now so easy to see!  “TOTAL Earnings Window” next to the MONEY MONITOR tells the story.  Every time you do - you will be seeing your TOTAL earnings over the last 24 hours!  Logging into your account can now be now both fun and worthwhile!

We wish to thank all of our members for being so patient and supportive during this phase of our ProfitShift.   We understand that not only have our staff experienced major shifts since our migration but our members have as well.  Rest assured - there is nothing more important to us than member satisfaction.  

With our new withdrawal system and the many changes that have happened and are now still in the works, we know your satisfaction will increase substantially over the coming weeks and months.

In addition to all of our news, be sure to take advantage of our handy “ Potential Earnings Calculator.”  This simple calculator can help you understand easily just how huge your potential earnings can be.  You will find the Potential Earnings Calculator on your dashboard.  Simply fill in some numbers and watch your potential earnings being calculated.

Remember there are less than 25 days until Christmas to take advantage of our 3% “Profit Explosion” so start putting your funds where they will bring you the most rewards.

Working for our wealth and success always,

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  1. how do we accsss profit clicking new PC withdrawal page because there is no link