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Friday, December 21, 2012

3% Profit Explosion 5 Days left

There are 5 Days left and counting!!


You couldn't have picked a better time to join the Profit Clicking family. We are almost at the end of our first time ever "3% Profit Explosion" promotion but there is still time... for you to profit! Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Remember! You will earn 3% per day until maturity on ALL Ad Packs purchased from new funding between now and Dec 25th

Take a minute and head over to our handy "Potential Earnings Calculator" to calculate just what 3% per day could mean for you going into the new year? Plug in the numbers and see just how easy it would be to begin turning your finances around in the coming year. It could be so much fun to see how the numbers potentially lineup for you. Bring this new year with profit on your side.

Folks, remember being profitable doesn't stop at the 3% Daily "Profit Explosion" promotion. By sharing the Profit Clicking opportunity with others you will earn 10% referral bonuses on your first level and 5% on your second. Doing this alone could lead you to financial independence! Anyone can be a millionaire with our proven system.

The first step in that journey is Abby's Open House. We do have to apologize for a typo found in our last Member Update. Abby's Open House will be opening it's doors Dec 27th 2012 right the conclusion of 3% "Profit Explosion." What is Abby's Open House? It is a warm welcome complete with personal attention provided by its hosts who are trained to address all new member questions.

Abby's is a totally unique experience which ensures that when you share the Profit Clicking message your new referrals will receive all they need to make them successful. You introduce your referrals and we will do the work - that's the Abby's story. Building a profitable business has never been this easy.

But - the story doesn't end at Abby's. For our members who have a millionaire's mindset we offer complete in depth training. You can find a time that is right for your lifestyle on our 7 day a week training schedule and our professional trainers are there to guide you every step of the way to financial freedom..

Success requires more than training though. It requires action and the right tools. At PC we ensure you have all of that and more. Simply head over to our "Build Your Business" area where you can explore and select the perfect marketing options just right for you. This area will provide precisely what you need to skyrocket your business profits.

There is still more news coming up for the upcoming year. PC's website is changing with so much more news coming up in the next few weeks. Virtually every day you can find something new, to help you succeed.

We want your holiday season to be as profitable as possible. Helping you achieve your goals is our goal!

Working for our wealth and success,

Profit Clicking Team

P.S. We challenge you to find any program that's easier to make money with than Profit Clicking.

P.P.S. Profit Clicking is likely to become "the program everyone in the know joins." If you join immediately, you can tell your friends and contacts about it... before they join under someone else.

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