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Saturday, December 1, 2012


21) How does the new withdrawal system work?
We distinguish between withdrawals from Pre-ProfitShift Funds [Pre-PS] and withdrawals from Post-ProfitShift Funds (Post-PS).
We also distinguish between a "Bucket" and "Queue."
The Bucket is used to pay current withdrawals as quickly as we can. We aim at paying them within 48 hours.
Members can make ONLY one Pre-PS withdrawal per 24 hour period. At the time of writing this FAQ the limit for Pre-PS withdrawals is $50 (this will likely increase from time to time).
Members can also make requests for Post-ProfitShift Funds [Post-PS]. At the time of writing this FAQ, a member can request up to $250 per Payment Processor per 24 hour period. There is a "Bucket" for each Payment Processor.
22) What happens when a "Bucket" is full?
When a Bucket is full the member has 3 options:
a) try using the "Bucket" of a different Payment Processor
b) try using the same "Bucket" again later when its not full
c) place the current withdrawal request into the "Queue"
23) Is there a limit for each Bucket?
Yes. These limits are adjusted every 24 hours.
24) How are withdrawal limits set?
Withdrawal limits are based on the amount of Retail Sales purchased by advertisers on a daily basis. That number determines the commissions paid out to our Independent Business Owners.
25) If my withdrawal request goes into the Queue, how long before it gets paid?
There is no specific time limit; your withdrawal request would go to the back of the Queue in the order received. If you are concerned about delays caused by your withdrawal going into the Queue, you may prefer options a) or b) above.
26) So there's a Bucket for each Payment Processor?
27) Is there still a limit on how much each member can withdraw per Payment Processor per 24 hours?
Yes. At the time of writing this FAQ, the withdrawal limit for Post-PS funds are $250 per Payment Processor per 24 hour period. We may change this from time to time.
If you have an unpaid withdrawal request in the Queue for that processor, it will not let you withdraw to that Payment Processor. You can still withdraw your funds, just use a different Payment Processor that doesn't have any pending withdrawals for you in the Queue, or wait for the Bucket to be emptied.
28) Does the limit on withdrawals of Pre-PS funds apply to each Payment Processor?
No. There's one limit for the total amount each member can withdraw per 24 hours to all the Payment Processors. At the time of writing this FAQ, that limit is $50 per 24 hours.
29) Is there anything I can do to get my withdrawal in the Queue paid more quickly?
Yes. You can delete the withdrawal request. The funds will be added back to your wallet. You can then request another withdrawal and get it added to the Bucket (if there's "room" at the time you request your new withdrawal).

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