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Thursday, August 23, 2012

profitclicking restart faqs

61) What is a Restart?
A. The Restart - also known as the Restart Feature (or RSF), is a conversion of some (or in some cases -- all) of your Advertising Packages to Matrix Packages. However, it is NOT applied to the Advertising Package positions of our newest Profit Clicking members. The Restart Feed (the mechanism that creates and/or fills empty spots in your existing matrices) is the essential feature that makes the Advertising Package program indefinitely sustainable. Without the Restart, the Advertising Package program would fail -- just like practically all other high-return programs.
62) How many packages will be converted in a Restart?
A. All restarts are different, but normally a minimum of 10% up to a maximum of 40% of Advertising Packages (in any one account) will be converted, depending on account size and profit so far.
63) Will the Restart be applied to all Advertising Package accounts?
A. Not under "normal circumstances." Generally, the Restart will NOT be applied to our newest members. Typically, the Restart will not be applied to Advertising Package accounts that are less than 30 days old. (The "30" is a variable parameter to be determined for each Restart).
Implication #1: In general, immediately after you start with your Advertising Package account, you will not be able to participate in a Restart.
Implication #2: In general, you can promote the Advertising Package program and immediately after your referrals start their Advertising Package accounts, they will not be able to participate in a Restart.
Note: Under certain "abnormal circumstances," a complete Restart may have to be done. An example would be if a payment processor were to freeze our account and steal our funds. A complete Restart would convert ALL Advertising Package positions into Matrix Packages. Members retain all their Matrix Packages and can continue earning from them.
64) If the Restart is applied to my account, how will my earnings be affected?
A. The tables below give some examples. The tables are based on certain assumptions spelled out below the tables.
Packages and Earnings Before Restart
Advertising Packages Ad Package Earnings Matrix Packages Matrix Earnings Total Earnings
12 $2.40/day 3 $180 $360
48 $9.60/day 12 $720 $1,440
100 $20/day 25 $1,500 $3,000
500 $100/day 125 $7,500 $15,000
1000 $200/day 200 $15,000 $30,000

Packages and Earnings After Restart
Cash Advertising Package Ad Packages Earnings Matrix Packages Matrix Earnings Total Earnings
$10 6 $1.20/day 5 $300 $400
$40 24 $4.80/day 22 $1,320 $1,720
$90 50 $10/day 45 $2,700 $3,520
$390 250 50/day 230 $13,800 $17,940
$760 500 $100/day 462 $26,720 $36,980
Note: Comparing the last two columns in the above tables shows that as a result of the Restart your total earnings will increase!
65) Can you explain why, in the long term, I'll earn more money as a result of the Restart?
A. Before the Restart you basically triple the funds you've used to buy Advertising Packages. During the Restart part of your CAD ("Cash Amount Due" -- see below) is converted into Matrix Packages. Converting part of CAD into Matrix Packages effectively triples part of CAD (that already represents original funds plus 50%).
Assumption #1: The "Basic Conversion Percentage" (BCP) is 50%, meaning that half your Advertising Packages will be converted into cash and Matrix Packages, valued at $20 each. (In practice an "Applied Conversion Percentage" (ACP) will be applied to your specific account. Your ACP may be higher or lower than the BCP, depending on your Advertising Package profits.)
Assumption #2: For your positions to be converted, the "Cash Amount Due" (CAD) is the amount you would still have to earn before these positions mature. The tables assume that your CAD is 75% (half of 150%) of your "total 2% earnings." (In practice your CAD may be higher or lower than 75%, depending on how much you've earned so far.)
Assumption #3: You receive 10% of your CAD in cash credited to your PC account. (You can withdraw this cash or use it to buy more positions.)
Assumption #4: The rest of your CAD is converted into Matrix Packages at a rate of $20 per position. (Any remainder is added to your cash.)
Assumption #5: The long term earnings from your Matrix Packages will be $60 each.
66) Can you provide examples of exactly how you do the calculations for the tables?
A. Say that before the restart, you had 100 Advertising Packages. You would receive $1500 in earnings from those Advertising Packages before receiving 25 Matrix Packages, which would earn $1500, for a total of $3000.
During a restart, assuming that 50% of your packages are converted, you'll have 50 Advertising Packages remaining.
The CAD for 50 Advertising Package positions is assumed to be $750.
10% of this is paid in cash, i.e., $75.
This leaves a "CAD balance" of $675 to be converted into Matrix Packages at $20 each.
This comes to 33 Matrix Packages, for a total of $660, with a $15 remainder.
The $15 is added to the $75, giving a cash amount of $90.
The 50 Advertising Package positions that are not converted will continue earning 2% per day for a total of $750.
When these 50 Advertising Package positions mature, you receive 12 Matrix Packages. Add the 12 to the 33 above to get a total of 45 Matrix Packages.
These 45 Matrix Packages will earn $60 x 45 = $2,700 when they cycle.
So your total earnings after the Restart will be $90 plus $750 plus $2,700 = $3,540, with you earning $540 more after the restart than you would've earned otherwise.
Make sure to consult your Restart Results in your Advertising Package back office after the restart in order to see how you were affected by the restart. Remember, there is no loss in a restart; if anything it's a major gain! See the videos in the Training Center for all the details.
67) The tables suggest that my Advertising Package earnings will drop by 50%; is this correct?
A. It depends on the "Applied Conversion Percentage" (ACP) applied to your account. In any case, this is much better than the typical high-return program where your earnings drop to zero when it disappears. The increased long term earnings will more than make up for your reduced short term earnings.
Note: The next Restart will incorporate NEW parameters, which will make even more members happy with the results!
68) What's the best way to build up my earnings again?
A. Repurchase Advertising Packages with some of your earnings immediately after a Restart and refer new members. Your remaining Advertising Packages will continue to mature on a regular basis and for every four Advertising Packages that matures, you'll get one Matrix Package. Purchasing (and re-purchasing) new Advertising Packages will counter any immediate decrease in daily earnings after participating in a Restart, by boosting your daily earnings at a faster rate. As more and more of your Ad Packages expire, you will receive more and more Matrix Packages and fill more and more spots in your matrices (at a faster rate) helping to speed up your matrix cycling process, which in turn pays you recurring $60 rebates.
It is important to understand that you won't lose any of the "repurchasing effect" as a result of the Restart. The calculations are based on your total Advertising Packages, irrespective of whether you bought them from newly added funds or from earnings. You also continue to earn 10% / 5% when your referrals (downlines) buy positions.
69) When can another Restart be expected and does my PC account have to be upgraded to Level 1 to get Matrix Packages created by it?
A. Restarts cannot be predicted. It could take 3-6 months to happen again and no, your PC account does NOT need to be upgraded to Level 1 to receive matrices from the Restart.
Learn how to cycle your matrixes faster by visiting the Training Center.
Other Restart Facts:
There is an "account cut-off date", meaning any Advertising Package accounts opened on or after this date, will NOT be participating in an upcoming Restart. The "account cut-off date" will be announced via email updates prior to an upcoming Restart.
There is a "Position Cut-Off Date" that will be added for all accounts, meaning any Advertising Packages purchased ON or AFTER this date will NOT be converted. The "Position Cut-Off Date" will be announced via email updates prior to an upcoming Restart.
There will be an "Earnings Cut-Off", meaning accounts that have earned less than "$X" (variable parameter) will NOT participate in an upcoming Restart (Earnings = 2% daily earnings + referral commissions).
There will be an "Account Size Table" on a sliding scale, meaning that bigger accounts will participate in an upcoming Restart to a greater extent than smaller accounts.
From among the Advertising Packages that qualify to participate in an upcoming Restart conversion, the actual positions to be converted will be selected randomly (in previous Restarts, the positions bought most recently were converted).

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