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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Legally Compliant • Indefinitely Sustainable • Patented System • Satisfaction Guaranteed! Experience the Power of Something GOOD Always Happening to You!

The owner of Just Been Paid and JSS Tripler, Frederick Mann is launching a new, legally compliant traffic exchange called Profit Clicking.

According to the latest Just Been Paid recorded conference call, the new website will go live in approximately mid August 2012.

Program Highlights

Paid Daily • Huge Referral Bonuses • Daily Withdrawals
Earn 2%   Daily Mon – Fri
Earn 1.5% Daily Sat – Sun
Earn up to 10% on your referrals!

Profit Clicking

Why Choose Profit Clicking

  1. We are the leading ranked traffic exchange system.
  2. Ranked in the top 1% of all websites worldwide.
  3. Established in 2004. We’re here to stay!
  4. Our hundreds of thousands of members keep growing.
  5. With our world renowned law team, Profit Clicking is legally sound and patent protected.

Who Is A 98 Percenter? Chances are it’s YOU!

If you’ve tried to make money online and failed, you are not alone. Statistically, only 2% of online marketers succeed…until now!

Our Revolutionary exchange system shatters these industry odds! Designed with the majority in mind, we provide everyone with the tools they need to reach success.

Finally a system for the 98%!

Myths & Facts

Myth – Everybody Makes Money Online.
Fact – Not even close! Only 1-2% of marketers earn money online. Profit Clicking is designed for the 98% who are ready to earn using our innovative traffic exchange system.

Myth – You must recruit everyone you know to be successful on the internet.
Fact – Tailored specifically for the majority, Profit Clicking does not require any sponsoring to win. You’ll never have to invite your family, friends or even Fido!

Myth – Only marketing experts and computer geniuses succeed online.
Fact – Our plug and play system requires little computer experience. Are you new online? New to using a computer? Profit Clicking is designed for you!

Myth – You have to pay to join, maintain and market to ever make money online.
Fact – Simple and fun. Profit Clicking starts you off with $10 to join!

Profit Clicking’s unique business model SMASHES THE MOLD!

No Recruiting • No Experience • It´s Simple & Fun! • START EARNING TODAY!

7 Reasons To Join Profit Clicking

  1. We´re compliant! Profit Clicking operates under US patent no. 6,578,070.
  2. Pay-it-forward, earn it back! We give you the $10 you need to get started!
  3. Withdrawals, earnings and payments updated to your account daily.
  4. No sponsoring required. Daily Withdrawals. The easy, breezy way to make a buck!
  5. Sponsor someone? Earn between 5-10%
  6. Join with confidence. Profit Clicking is indefinitely sustainable!
  7. Traffic Packages As Low As $10

Why Buy Traffic?

Without traffic your product is dead! Sound a little harsh? Think about it! Just by reading this our site has the opportunity to earn your business. In return, we provide you with a patented, results-based system that creates as much traffic as your site can handle. To make money online, you must be seen! Perks of increased traffic allow you to:

  • Fortify Your Brand
  • Boost Search Engine Rankings
  • Increase Potential Client Interest
  • Build a Positive Reputation Online

Why Buy Traffic & Get Paid?

The Million Dollar Challenge? We didn´t just raise the bar, we shattered it! Every time your campaign is reviewed, our traffic generation system pays you! In fact, we pay you for every campaign you run on our network! Think you can break our patented system? Go ahead, we double dog dare you. If you can, we’ll pay you 1 Million bucks!

Legal & Compliant – Patent ProtectedLegally Compliant

Profit Clicking is an internationally based organization committed to legal compliancy. Our in-house law team is globally recognized for their unsurpassed commitment to local laws in every region that Profit Clicking serves. We operate under the US patent 6,578,070 and strive daily to abide by all regulations. Our integrity. Your security.

Profit Clicking Testimonials
Profit Clicking Testimonials

With Frederick Mann’s already highly successful Just Been Paid indefinitely sustainable program, Profit Clicking is sure to be a big hit in the affiliate marketing global community.

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