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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Traffic Exchange Improvement!

Title: Traffic Exchange Improvement!

The amount of time required for website views in the Traffic Exchange has been reduced to 12 seconds each.

The number of views per day required for receiving Daily Sales Commissions has been increased from 3 views per day to 6 views per day, meaning that the number of Reserved Views also will increase from 135 to 270 views you can save in reserve.

This improvement will greatly help the TE to move faster and give each member more exposure to their websites. The FAQ's and other content on the site will be updated as soon as possible.

Please remember that every URL submitted into the Traffic Exchange must be unique, which will bring a very large variety of opportunities in rotation for all to see. You can submit up to 3 URL's into the Traffic Exchange.                   

By purchasing more Panels and Ad Packages, you will have more advertising credits to use AND receive more money daily!

Thank you for your contribution towards making Profit Clicking “The Place” to advertise on the internet!

Here's To Your Success!
Profit Clicking Support Team

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