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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Premium Ad Packages buy now

Member Update

Welcome to all our new members!

You're at the right place to make a lot of
money, and by doing very simple tasks - by
simply viewing the web sites of other
members - amazing!

Profit Clicking News Flash:

Premium advertising sales are

Premium Withdrawals are being processed in
just 24-48 hours!

The Green light withdrawals for the Basic
Wallet are staying lit up longer as each
day passes by, as predicted!

A record number of members viewing
websites on the PC Traffic Exchange!

The Elite Marketing Group now has over
6,000 participants!

It's all true - log in to check it out for

Be sure to buy as many premium and basic
ad packages as you can, so you can build
both ad package accounts. Remember, the
more ad packages you own, the more you can
advertise AND the more daily sales
commissions you can earn.

To fund your Premium account, login and
switch to your Premium account and click
on the Premium Wallet in the left sidebar:

Share Profit Clicking with Others

It's important to share the Profit
Clicking advertising opportunity with
others, providing the best opportunity on
the Internet!

Earn up to $5,000 per day per referral in
the Basic and Premium Ad Package Systems!

Your 1st Level referrals earn you $1.00
and your 2nd Level referrals earn you
$0.50, every time they purchase an Ad

To share the Profit Clicking opportunity
with others:

Over 6,000 Elite Marketing Group Members!

Now with over 6,000 opted in, the Elite
Marketing Group has been successfully
giving extra assistance to marketers, to
promote businesses of all types.

This popular service is provided free by
Profit Clicking. Simply, login and click
on the silver banner at the top of the
page and opt in, or click on the following

Use Gift Cards to Promote Your Business!

Premium Gift Cards are coming soon, so you
can share the Premium advertising with
your prospects. Until then, send them
Basic Gift Cards and encourage them to
fund their Premium wallet, setting them up
for both ad package systems.

The Profit Clicking Staff has been working
very hard to improve the site and bring
new products and services for the
membership. We would like to again thank
you for your patience during this time. It
will only get better so look for more
improvements and opportunities coming in
the next weeks and months.

Very Important Information Follows

Our unique, patented system is the reason
Profit Clicking is indefinitely

The Profit Clicking Test Drive will
benefit all Members who create their
Profit Clicking accounts for the first
time. By seeing that "$10 free test drive"
in their Profit Clicking accounts, they
can immediately buy a Profit Clicking Ad
Package and start earning!

So please tell your prospects that if they
create their new Profit Clicking accounts,
they get "$10 of free test drive" money to
easily get started. (Note that after 45
days, their Profit Clicking accounts will
be debited with $10.00)

It's very easy to make money with Profit

On our Millionaires' page you can see that
our Top Promoter has earned over
$1,120,000 from the exact same
compensation plan you are looking at
today, making 10% from the purchases of
direct referrals and 5% from their 2nd
Level, plus lots of money from the panel

You can also see that our top company
earner (combination of buying advertising
and selling advertising) has earned:


All of our top 20 earners have earned more
than $775,000 each, from the exact same
compensation plan that's available to you
here in Profit Clicking today.

Extremely Healthy Business Growth!

You should also know that your program
continues to grow strongly, as you can see
from our Alexa traffic chart, Profit
Clicking is ranked today at an incredible
number 233 in the entire world!

Click "Traffic Stats" and "Reach." If you
scroll down to "Country" and click "More",
you can see how we're doing in various
parts of the world.

Your suggestions are always welcome, and
some of the best features of our system
have come from our members, so feel free
to click on "Make a Suggestion" at the
bottom of the Member Area.

Working for our wealth and success,

Your Profit Clicking Success Team

P.S. We challenge you to find any program
that's easier to make money with than
Profit Clicking.

P.P.S. Profit Clicking is likely to become
"the program everyone in the know joins."
If you join immediately, you can tell your
friends and contacts about it -- before
they join under someone else.

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