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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Make Lots of Money

Member Update

Welcome to all our new members!

Make Lots of Money without Spending one

You can earn up to $1,000 per hour, or
even more, from each and every person you
refer to Profit Clicking? And then you
earn up to $500 per hour from 2nd-level
referrals also. And many more income
streams are on the way for promoters to
earn from!

And you can make this kind of money (and
more) without buying any ad packages or
panels - spend nothing and make thousands
if you simply follow the simple steps we
teach in our marketing training.

Just imagine all the people who have no
money to spend, but they have the time to
market their business - that is so
exciting, don't you think?

If you keep on sponsoring people, you'll
eventually have lots of people who buy
substantial amounts of advertising and
other services, earning you possibly more
than you've ever earned before online.

How do you make money from others?

Simply share your Profit Clicking IBO
advertising pages with others - check out
your "Build My Business" page and find
out how.

Marketing Tip:

If you are NOT advertising to your friends
and family, you should use one of our
"other" IBO advertising links, as on the
page below:

This will provide you with a significantly
higher sign-up rate than if you use your
default IBO web site.

Why? Because many people have already seen
the default IBO advertising site,
available since the initial launch of
Profit Clicking. So there are much greater
chances they will simply "click away"
instead of reviewing it again.

Choose the one you think will work best
for your advertising and get started

Much more information is available on the
"Build My Business" page, like text ads,
banners, E-mail ads and a variety of
marketing methods, tools and training.

Did You Know?

You can receive SMS messages to your cell
phone every time you get paid in Profit
Clicking? Your friends will be so curious,
hearing the sounds your cell phone makes
when you receive constant text messages -
they will definitely want to know all
about your business!

Set up your SMS in your profile TODAY!

New Items from Doc's Thursday Night Call:

- Promotion Contest with $3,000 Prize
- Global Representatives System Complete
- Withdrawal Maximum down to $100 a day
- Withdrawal Queue to be Much Faster
- Live Chat for Funding Page
- Web Money as new payment processor
- Gift Card at Profit Clicking

Look for Doc's recorded call on the
following site now:

Very Important Information Follows:

Our unique patented system is the reason
Profit Clicking is indefinitely

The Profit Clicking Test Drive will
benefit all Members who create their
Profit Clicking accounts, for the first
time. By seeing that "$10 free money" in
their Profit Clicking accounts, they can
immediately buy a Profit Clicking Ad
Package and start earning!

So please tell your prospects that if they
create their new Profit Clicking accounts,
they get "$10 free money" to easily get
started. (Note that after 45 days their
Profit Clicking accounts will be debited
with $10.00.)

We even have a convenient new resource
called Abby's Open House,  where we  will teach
your Referrals the exciting Profit
Clicking opportunity FOR you, to save you
valuable time and to get them started
down the right path.

It's very easy to make money with Profit

On our Millionaires' page you can see that
our Top Promoter has earned over $950,609
from the exact system you are looking at
today, making 10% from the purchases of
direct referrals and 5% from their 2nd
Level, plus lots of money from the panel

You can also see that our top company
earner (combination of buying advertising
and selling advertising) has earned


All of our top 20 earners have earned more
than $610,000 each from the exact system
you are looking at today.

Extremely Healthy Business Growth!

You should also know that your program
continues to grow strongly. As you can see
from our Alexa traffic chart, Profit
Clicking is ranked today at an incredible
number 223 in the entire world!

Click "Traffic Stats" and "Reach." If you
scroll down to "Country" and click "More",
you can see how we're doing in various
parts of the world.

Working for our wealth and success,

Your Profit Clicking Success Team

P.S. We challenge you to find any program
that's easier to make money with than
Profit Clicking.

P.P.S. Profit Clicking is likely to become
"the program everyone in the know joins."
If you join immediately, you can tell your
friends and contacts about it -- before
they join under someone else.

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