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Friday, November 2, 2012


Note: there may have been a confusing update about the Panels members receive when their Adpacks mature. The rule is that for every 4 Adpacks that mature, you get one Panel, provided you've upgraded to PC level 1. The ability to upgrade will be activated soon. When Panels cycle, they pay $60 each. The $60 is a one-time payment.

Good news! Starting around mid-November, we plan to pay daily withdrawals within 48 hours. This will dramatically reduce the time it takes for your current withdrawals to be paid. We'll also do our best to increase the current daily limit of $250 per member per payment processor. We'll continue paying out the withdrawals waiting in the queue. Paying all of them may take a month or more.

Our personnel have been working very hard to improve the services we provide to our Profit Clicking members. We're glad to announce that a Profit Shift will be done on or about 10th November, 2012. Our ProfitShift Education materials should be ready within a week, so you'll be able to find out how the Profit Shift works and why it's necessary from time to time.

You'll also be glad to know that our ProfitShift system is designed so in the long run it will enable you to earn even more. During the ProfitShift some or all of your Adpacks may be converted to Panels. You'll get complete details about the conversion in your member area, including how many Panels you receive.

The "position cut-off date" for the ProfitShift is 25th October, 2012. This date will not be changed. This means that all Adpacks bought on or after 25th October will NOT be affected by the coming ProfitShift. So any Adpacks you buy from now on will not be affected by the coming ProfitShift.

The best time to buy Adpacks is immediately after a ProfitShift. Any Adpacks you buy during the coming weeks will effectively be the same as buying Adpacks immediately after a ProfitShift. The chances are very good that there won't be another Profit Shift for about 90 days, meaning the Adpacks you buy now will mature, paying out up to 150%, before the next ProfitShift.

The "account cut-off date" will be 15th October, 2012. This date is fixed. It means that Adpack accounts opened on or after this date will not be affected by the coming ProfitShift. This applies to all the Adpacks bought for these accounts. (The time you buy your first Adpack is regarded as the time you opened your Adpack account.)

This is also a great time to promote Profit Clicking, because new accounts and their Adpacks will not be affected by the coming ProfitShift. Also, any Adpacks for existing Adpack accounts, bought on or after 15th October, 2012, will not be affected by the coming ProfitShift.

Don't forget, you also earn bonuses on all Adpacks bought by your Referrals -- and their Referrals -- 10% and 5% on 2 levels. Particularly because we plan to soon pay current withdrawals within 48 hours, this is a great time to promote your business. After all, Profit Clicking has become "the program everyone in the know joins."

We challenge you to find any program that's easier to make money with than Profit Clicking.

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