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Thursday, September 27, 2012

profitclicking build my business

build my business for profitclicking is now launched. You can go in and get banners to advertise your profitcking site.

 Putting Profit Clicking ads on your web pages is as easy as 1-2-3!

    Choose the size that best suits your needs. There are seven sizes available below – from a large 425 x 600 banner to a 125 x 125 thumbnail.
    Click on the link for the size of your choice. It takes you to a page with all the approved ads that specific size.
    Choose the ad you like, and click on it. An ad preview and an html code will pop up. Simply copy the code, and paste in place on your website.

    It’s just that easy!

    Don’t be tempted to just download the image you like. The html code provided will include your unique Independent Business Owner ID# so if your ad is clicked on, they are directed to YOUR Profit Clicking page!

The following banners ads are available

425 X 600 Banner Ads
125 X 125 Thumbnail Ads
468 X 60 Banner Ads
234 X 60 Banner Ads
300 X 600 Banner Ads
160 X 600 Skyscraper Ads
120 X 600 Skyscraper Ads
Cool Cats 125x125
Kiss Bills Goodbye 125x125
Look Who's Talking 125x125
Polar Bear 125x125
Student Debt 125x125
Pop Art 125x125

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